Home Marking System




System contents:

  • Datadots®/DNA
  • Window Warning Labels
  • Property Warning Labels

The typical home insurance policy may help to pay for a new TV, DVD or Hi-fi system if it is stolen from your house, but nothing can compensate for the amount of time you’ll have to spend having to replace these items – not to mention the stress associated with being burgled. By the time you have dealt with the insurance company’s automated telephone system, given all the relevant details to the Police and then spent a day trawling around town for replacement goods, you’ll wish you had fitted Datatag in the first place.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and our aim is to deter the burglars with a Datatag decal so that they don’t even bother breaking in to your property in the first place.

Consisting of tiny 1mm discs that give your possessions a unique ‘fingerprint’, Datatdots® can be used to mark a wide range of items, the glue that the dots are held in also contains a unique UV reactive forensic chemical DNA and finally the warning labels provide an additional deterrent. Datatag is recognised as being one of the UK’s leading anti-theft systems. Thieves know that Datatagged property is simply too hot to handle, and once they see your property is protected they will usually go looking for an easier target.