Motorsport/Off-Road System




System contents:

  • Glass Transponders
  • Button Transponder
  • Overprinted Self Adhesive Transponder
  • Tamper Evident Visible Marking Labels
  • Datadots®/DNA

The theft of off-road motorsport vehicles, such as race cars, motorcycles and karts is running at an alarmingly high level and, worse still, is accelerating. To any thief, your race vehicle is potentially a 3D parts catalogue from which they can make a lot of money. Professional thieves can literally load your vehicle into the back of a van so fast that no one will notice. They can also strip your machine in less than 30 minutes.

Thieves can easily remove your vehicles engine and frame numbers, and they are aware that the chances of the Police being able to identify the machine afterwards are virtually nil.

That’s why the Datatag system is so effective. As well as including various visible identification numbers our system includes state of the art ‘tags’ or transponders programmed with a unique code which is registered to your machine. These transponders are hidden throughout your vehicle and are virtually impossible to find and remove successfully without damaging the vehicle.

This off-road motorport system is ideal for:

  • Race and TrackCars
  • Race and Track Motorcycles
  • Trial Bikes
  • MotoCross Bikes
  • Speedway Bikes
  • Go-Karts

There are no annual fees when fitting Datatag and when you come to sell your motorsport / off-road vehicle you’ll find that the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.